Two New CoMica Shotgun Microphones for DSLRs and Smartphones for enhanced audio quality in videos

Two New CoMica Shotgun Microphones for DSLRs and Smartphones for enhanced audio quality in videos

In the dynamic world of content creation, clarity is king, and COMICA understands this well. They are introducing their latest innovation in audio technology – the CVM-V30 PRO and CVM-VM10II shotgun microphones, designed to revolutionize audio quality for DSLR cameras and smartphones alike. These COMICA Shotgun Microphones are ideal for content creators, either amateur or professional so that their viewers never miss a detail.

Elevating Audio Quality

CoMica’s CVM-V30 PRO and CVM-VM10II are engineered to take your video content to the next level. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding creator, these microphones promise pristine audio by effectively reducing ambient noise, resulting in clearer recordings.

COMICA CVM-VM10II: Versatile and Compact

The CVM-VM10II is a compact directional microphone perfect for DSLRs, action cameras, and smartphones. Its seamless integration with various devices, including cameras and tablets, makes it a versatile choice. This microphone keeps unwanted vibrations and noise at bay because it is made from 100% aluminum and is equipped with professional shock absorption technology. With its Cardioid Polar Pattern, it effectively focuses on desired sounds while minimizing background noise, providing you with professional-grade audio. Plus, it comes with essential accessories such as a windscreen, windmuff, and a sleek carrying case for added convenience.

CoMica CVM-V30 PRO: Professional-Grade Performance

The CVM-V30 PRO is the microphone of choice for those seeking top-tier audio performance. Powered by 2x AAA batteries (not included) and remarkably lightweight, it boasts a discrete low-cut filter function and 10dB sensitivity adjustment toggles, allowing you to customize your audio settings for optimal clarity. Its shock-resistant design ensures minimal vibration noise, while off-axis rejection prevents unwanted sounds, particularly in outdoor settings. The V30 Pro features a TRS 3.5mm mic input. Additionally, its bundled windmuff makes it ideal for outdoor shoots, even in windy conditions.

During the launch event of the CoMica microphones, Manish Gupta from Origin Marketing expressed, “Our range of CoMica microphones is a valuable asset for every video and film creator. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, these shotgun microphones are designed to enhance your production with superior audio quality. With robust shock-resistant designs and highly sensitive cardioid mics, these microphones are tailored to elevate the audio experience for your videos. We encourage you to select the perfect CoMica mic to suit your needs for your upcoming shoots.”

Pricing and Availability CoMica Shotgun Microphones

Excited to get your hands on these cutting-edge microphones? The CoMica CVM-V30 PRO (Red, Black) and CVM-VM10II (Black) are now available for an MRP of INR 5990/- and INR 3,590. You can buy them online from or

Stay tuned for more updates as CoMica continues to innovate and redefine audio excellence in the world of content creation.

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