Hohem iSteady V2S: Smart tracking gimbal makes its debut in India

 Hohem has added a new gimbal to their lineup: the 'iSteady V2S', a small 3-Axis smartphone gimbal. This gadget has built-in fill lighting, anti-shake gesture control, and Smart Tracking powered by AI.

It may be set up as a tripod or used as a handheld gimbal to ensure steady shots. You can fit it in your pocket or backpack because it is compact and collapsible. Additionally, a small tripod is included for hands-free photography. Speaking about battery life, it can operate without the AI mode and LED lights for up to 9 hours. It may be refilled using a USB-C cable.

This gimbal's AI technology is among its clever features. You may use it to stabilize your movies and monitor moving objects. Because it includes built-in LED lights that may illuminate your scenes, you won't even need additional lighting. It's simple to use the iSteady V2S, even if you're a newbie. It contains a shutter button, a zoom slider, and a joystick for operating the camera quickly. The indicators on the gimbal let you to view the various modes and battery life.

Brief descriptions: Blockbuster shot Hohem iSteady V2S Foldable and Portable

  • Stability along three axes
  • Control of Anti-Shake Gestures
  • Smart AI Tracking
  • Integrated Three-level Fill iPhone Replacement with Light Payload and Mini Tripod
  • Joystick, zoom slider, shutter, M/Power, and function buttons are some of the controls.
  • 2800mAh battery; USB-C charging; Battery-level display
  • 9 hours (with AI turned off), 4 hours (with AI vision sensor), and 2 hours (with AI vision sensor & LED video light) are the battery life estimates.
  • Size: 16.51 by 29.97 by 5.33 cm; weight: 263 grams

Price and accessibility

The standard cost of the Hohem iSteady V2S is Rs. 10,990. It is, however, available on Originshop.in and Amazon.in for a certain period of time at a reduced launch price of Rs. 9,990.

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