CLAW new Cooling Pads with RGB lighting and USB hubs launched in India

CLAW has launched new Cooling Pads featuring RGB lighting, adjustable fans, and USB ports in India. The new CLAW laptop cooling pads are quite colorful and can be used comfortably for extended periods. They include the CLAW Arctic K25 PRO, Frost K42, Glacier F13, Iceberg F4, and CLAW Breeze C3.

The CLAW Arctic K25 PRO is well suited for gaming laptops up to 17.3 inches in width. It has 7 height options, four fans, and features multiple lighting modes. It also has multiple cooling options and can be very efficient. Its USB ports provide charging support for additional devices. The CLAW Frost K42 has RGB lights with five different effects. Its high-speed fans help to keep your laptop cool and you can easily switch between gaming and regular modes. Similar to the Arctic K25 PRO, the Frost K42 can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches.



The CLAW Glacier F13 features 5 fans that deliver the ultimate cooling effect when playing high-octane games on your laptop. It also features colorful RGB lights in 12 modes with an LCD screen for control. It is sturdy build and will support laptops up to 17.3 inches. The CLAW Iceberg F4 has 8 fans and dynamic RGB lighting. It has adjustable cooling settings and is suitable also for laptops up to 17.3 inches. The CLAW Breeze C3 is made from solid ABS materials and has two height options. It has USB ports for extra connectivity support and has a basic, yet effective design.

The new CLAW lineup of RGB lighting-enabled cooling pads is available in India between Rs. 1,189 (for the Breeze C3) and Rs. 2,990 (for the Arctic K25 PRO). The CLAW Breeze C3 is available in black, blue, and red color variants. The pads come with a 1-year warranty and can be purchased from online platforms in the subcontinent, including Amazon India.

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